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Jul 25, 2012 12:00am EDT
. >> jimmy: hi i'm jimmy and this is guillermo, who is just back from panama with captain morgan rum. >> guillermo: yes jimmy, i was there to find the ship of the real captain henry morgan. >> jimmy: captain henry morgan was a real guy whose ship sank off the coast of panama. >> guillermo: yes jimmy. almost 400 years ago. >> jimmy: and captain morgan rum sent you to go investigate? >> guillermo: yes jimmy. >> jimmy: why? >> guillermo: i don't know. just be quiet and roll the tape. >> hi, i'm guillermo. i am here at castillo san morento. >> the fort was built by the spanish to protect the original panama canal, that attracted morgan here to get his hands on some of the gold. he ran his flag ship aground on the reef right there. >> you go scuba diving to find the ships? >> absolutely. >> enough history. let's go! >> yeah. ♪ >> hold on. give me one minute. it's not easy to be a pirate. look, i broke my sword. >> pirates gambled their lives to make a big payoff, sometimes you retire rich like captain henry morgan did. >> i drink to that, hold this. to captain henry morgan and to life!
Jul 27, 2012 12:00am EDT
jimmy and this is guillermo, who is back from panama for captain morgan original spiced rum. over the past two nights, we've watched with awe as guillermo learned about the real captain morgan, and tonight, it all comes together as our little friend dives into history. this is it guillermo, are you ready? >> yeah, whatever. roll the tape. >> guillermo: i'm guillermo, on on the panama to find the chip from captain morgan. >> do you have something to get wet sne. >> guillermo: yeah, hold on. ta-da. >> you're weird. you're going to get down tlp and see a sweet ship wreck. we'll see wooden chests and show you some of the features of the ship and how it wrecked. >> guillermo: i'm not too happy about this. >> one, two, three. >> guillermo: seriously, i'm done. wow, man. it's nice, but it's not for me. it's time for captain morgan. >> dicky: to learn more about the dive and the adventures of the real captain henry morgan visit morgan usa. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with jessica biel, adam richman and music from rick ross. hey will you pass me some
Jul 23, 2012 7:00am EDT
two things going on we want you to know about. panama city, florida, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. and look at reno. when you send in the twitter pictures, we look at them and put one or two on the air. 13 states with heat watching, warnings, or advisories today. some facing record temperatures. this looks like this range of heat right here will last into probably thursday in the middle of the country. we'll talk a lot about that in the headlines as we go through. there's the opportunity to get a couple of doses of rain in the spots that are heavy in red. that's >> all of that weather was brought to you by target. and now, let's get to our dear friend, josh elliott. good morning, josh. >>> our good friend mehmet oz is back with us this morning. we look at the latest episode of the unbelievably gripping "new york med." we get access to the top hospital. we find out what goes on behind the closed doors of the staff lounge. >> i'm coming here to heckle people. bonnie, bonnie is the charge nurse. she has been since i trained. i love her dearly. we have the same bi
Jul 26, 2012 12:00am EDT
about your decisions. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, and this is guillermo, who is just back from panama. last night, you learned and taught us about the real captain morgan. who do you have in store for us tonight? >> more of the same stuff. >> jimmy: all right. well, let's roll the tape. ♪ >> well, guillermo, you learned about the real captain morgamor. before we can go exploring for ship wrecks, stephanie and i are here to make you fall in love with scuba diving. >> fall in love? >> with scuba diving. >> oh. are we diving the thing under the water? >> the thing under the water. >> oh, okay. >> stephanie. i think i love you. >> i'm married. ♪ >> thdoes what happens under war stay under water? >> yeah, sure. >> stephanie. let's go under water. now! i love you, man. >> i love you, too, buddy. >> i usually don't go for blonds. >> i don't usually go for mustaches. >> that's why i love you, man. >> dicky: captain morgan. to life, love and loolt. to learn more about the dive and the adventures of the real captain henry morgan, visit >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4